Competition BBQ Team
Barbeques Galore is the home of Low & Slow BBQ – the art of creating perfectly smoked, mouth-watering meat by way of ‘Low & Slow’ technique. Learn how to Low & Slow like an expert in our in-store Masterclass, hosted by Australian champion team Badass BBQ

This 3 hour class will cover all the basics to get you started in smoking complete with a tasting platter of each of the menu items along with refreshments and detailed explanation of how to master the art of solid fuel cooking

The 3 hour class includes:

  • Introduction to Low & Slow
  • Guide to Smoker BBQs
  • Types of fuel
  • Starting the smoker
  • Temperature management
  • Trimming and meat preparation
  • On the menu: Beef short ribs, Pulled Lamb, Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Reverse Seared Steak
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